Strive Not To Snicker At These Humorous Moments in Sports activities…


The rationale all of us love watching sports activities is as a result of it may be so unpredictable, and which means the cameras generally get the …



  1. 2:22 The pilot blocked his front tires so hard a few laps earlier that he created a flat spot on his tires. Due to the flat spot, the tires are not totally round. The tires vibrated so hard at high speed that it was too much for the suspension and everything broke down.

  2. Whenever in soccer the ball is near a dot field, like half court or penalty there's a chance you mistake it with the actual ball, cause your periferal vision is still looking at a round object. Seen other misses as this one.

  3. I’ve got a funny one from my horseback riding teacher, she once was competing in dressage with this wild horse, like not wild wild, but like she is very unpredictable and hard to stop when she starts running, so she finishes, does the salute, and the horse just start running like about to die or smith, and my trainer just freaking stopped her with the lil ‘house’ where the judge is. Horse legit ended up with their head inside of the thing. Judge probably almost had a heart attack and she ended up getting disqualified, even though she had already finished her test.

    Rest In Peace Chumeca❤️

  4. 4:16……..This is one reason why I don't like the actions of European footballers.

    1) It's only 6 inches or less. Just wait until the referee has painted the line on the field and then step up to it without crossing it.

    2) As low scoring as some games are (even after 90 minutes of play) it isn't like you're blocking a field goal in American style football EVERY TIME the opposing team tries to score one. More than 75% of the time that a situation like this one occurs the kicked ball doesn't go anywhere near the net before the other team has lost possession of it and they're taking it down the field in the opposite direction.

  5. "Impossible not to laugh"

    I have not laughed for 7 years and i honestly forgot what its like to enjoy something and laugh at it.

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue..

    My emotions are dead…

    And my soul is too….

    I wish i could laugh but i have found nothing funny ever since my grandparents died…


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