Prime 10 NBA Celeb Reactions – The Starters


Jon Stewart impressed The Starters to undergo NBA historical past and depend down the very best celeb reactions at NBA video games. Watch …



  1. I like how with the Rihanna one you can see the guy in the back in the black shirt say “she better sit down” or “you better sit down right now” if you read his lips he definitely said something like that

  2. I love how Paul McCartney still is a normal guy inside. You really have to be to be that famous and not like break down as a person, there’s a reason he’s pretty much the ONLY person besides a few others who had maintained relevance and extreme success and fame for like 60 years and is still having fun and involving himself with “normal people activities” and it isn’t Bc he’s “trying to be normal” or “trying to convince people he’s not rich” or something you’re dumb if you think that. He’s been on camera and swarmed over literally thousands of thousands of times, I guarantee he is not thinking about if the camera is on him in these situations he genuinely wanted to be part of the crowd and the shirt thing, and I think it’s cool he seemed to be sitting in a normal area. Maybe it was all other rich people/celebrities but still he could easily be in like the very front or whatever but he chooses not to


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