Rating the High 30 NBA Gamers of ALL-TIME


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  1. 1. MJ 2. Wilt 3. Kareem 4. Lebron
    5. Magic 6. Bird 7.Kobe
    8. Hakeem Olajuwan 9 Tim Duncan
    10. Shaq 11 Russell 12 Oscar 13 KD
    14 Giannis 15 Curry 16. West 17
    14. Curry 15. Kawai

  2. Nice list, but A few changes for me I watched Jerry West and Oscar Robbinson.
    The should be at least 5 slots higher. Bill Russell on the other hand was boring to watch
    and should be a dozen slots lower. Wilt certainly in top Ten.

  3. I respect this video alot because alot of the time you cant find peoples general opinion everytime you say who you think is the best people always try to argue. Thats why now i dont say who i think is the best i just state my personal favorite players and this list is almost exactly like mines

  4. Steph is great shooter but hes never been tested…ever. Until hes able to prove his himself in that respect he will never break the top 10. Shaq is top 30 player, nowhere near top 10 though. To be top 10 you need to be able to make a freethrow.

    The players of old were all heart, you would never see them high fiving their opponents and smiling after they lose like players of today.


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