FOA 2022 MEDIA: SB Nation


NFL Offseason – After a few years hiatus, we’re again with a collection of interviews we did for SB Nation group web sites to advertise Soccer Outsiders Almanac 2022. We’ll hyperlink to all of these right here because the articles steadily get revealed.

You’ll find out extra about buying Soccer Outsiders Almanac 2022 right here.

Carolina Panthers (Bryan Knowles)

Cleveland Browns (Rivers McCown)

Denver Broncos (Mike Tanier): Part I and Part II

Detroit Lions (Derrik Klassen): Part I and Part II

Inexperienced Bay Packers (Derrik Klassen): Part I and Part II

Miami Dolphins (Scott Spratt)

Minnesota Vikings (Derrik Klassen): Part IPart IIPart III

New York Giants (Thomas Bassinger)

Seattle Seahawks (Vincent Verhei)


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