Successfully Wild Episode 1891: So Lengthy, Jon


Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley observe up on Tony La Russa’s suspicious pinch-runner name, banter about Joey Gallo on the Dodgers and Andrew Benintendi on the Yankees, the utility of booing, and the parochial idea of being unable to play in New York, the curious timing of the Rangers’ firing of long-tenured govt Jon Daniels, the Athletics’ curious launch of Elvis Andrus, the Braves extending Michael Harris II and the domino concept of extensions, and Joey Votto’s season-ending damage, then reply listener emails about which possession group they might most need to compel to open its books and an MLB vs. NPB/KBO All-Star Recreation, plus (1:06:38) a Previous Blast from 1891 and a bonus query about recursive caps.

Audio intro: Ryan Oxford, “Fa Fa Fa Fired
Audio outro: Roland Roberts, “All About the Timing

Link to La Russa video
Link to La Russa response
Link to Gallo’s quotes to The Athletic
Link to later Gallo quotes
Link to Updike’s New York quote
Link to MLBTR on the Daniels firing
Link to Levi Weaver on the Daniels firing
Link to press release about Daniels
Link to longest-tenured team execs
Link to FG farm rankings
Link to MLBTR on the Andrus release
Link to A’s WAR leaders
Link to MLBTR on the Harris extension
Link to Passan tweet about Braves core
Link to MLBTR on the Votto injury
Link to biblical losses quote
Link to KBO ASG story
Link to Team USA WBC roster
Link to Richard Hershberger’s Strike Four
Link to 1891 story source 1
Link to 1891 story source 2
Link to 1891 story source 3
Link to Orioles cap

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