Successfully Wild Episode 1887: There Used to Be a Ballpark (And it’s Nonetheless There)


Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter in regards to the Dodgers’ and Mets’ “assertion” collection and the awe and nervousness impressed by Jacob deGrom, comply with up on Vin Scully’s musical style, retractable mounds, and Justin Verlander vs. Max Scherzer, and talk about a latest Rockies pickup and promotion and a hazardous mound go to, adopted (33:00) by a Previous Blast from 1887. Then (46:52) they speak to 95-year-old Ron Teasley, one among 4 residing former Negro Leaguers from the MLB-designated 1920-1948 “main league” interval, about his newbie {and professional} baseball profession in Detroit, within the Dodgers’ minor league system, and with the New York Cubans, his recollections of Minnie Miñoso, Buck O’Neil, and different Negro Leagues legends, breaking coloration obstacles, the MLB reclassification and what else the league ought to do for former Negro Leaguers, his a long time as a coach, the declining African-American presence in MLB, and extra. Lastly (1:23:50), they carry on creator, editor, and historian Gary Gillette to debate the restoration of one of many final surviving Negro Leagues ballparks, Hamtramck Stadium, in addition to the continued efforts to protect and uncover details about pre-integration Black baseball.

Audio intro: J.J. Cale, “Slower Baby
Audio interstitial 1: Dick Haymes, “Little White Lies
Audio interstitial 2: Radiator Hospital, “Detroit Diamonds (Sacred Strays)
Audio outro: The Kinks, “Preservation

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Link to column about reparations
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Link to video about Hamtramck
Link to video about Hamtramck unveiling
Link to other video about unveiling
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Link to The Biographical Encyclopedia
Link to EW episode about 42 for 21
Link to Hamtramck website
Link to Richard Hershberger’s Strike Four
Link to 1887 story source

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