Successfully Wild Episode 1880: The tenth Anniversary Interview


Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley wrap up the podcast’s tenth anniversary week by doing a dozen listener-inspired Stat Blasts after which (51:53) speaking to 42-year-old Purple Sox starter and podcast legend Rich Hill about how the sport and his sport have developed over his lengthy profession, plus (1:31:18) a Previous Blast from 1880/postscript.

Audio intro: Silk Sonic, “Blast Off
Audio interstitial 1: Levon Helm, “The Mountain
Audio interstitial 2: Esther Rose, “Mountaintop
Audio outro: That is the Equipment, “Keep Going

Link to Stathead
Link to Ryan Nelson’s Twitter
Link to split doubleheaders sheet
Link to zero-RBI records sheet
Link to Ben on Joseph in 2016
Link to non-hit walkoffs sheet
Link to bases-clearing PA sheet
Link to most players managed sheet
Link to no-LOB shutouts list
Link to HR vs. same pitchers sheet
Link to country debuts sheet
Link to Madris story
Link to saves vs. former teams sheet
Link to Kimbrel vs. Jansen story
Link to Dunn/Thome cycle leaders
Link to Stat Blasts on the EW wiki
Link to Hill on the EW wiki
Link to Rosenthal signing news
Link to Walsh/Epstein saying
Link to listener emails database
Link to 10th anniversary shirt
Link to all shirts
Link to Richard Hershberger’s Strike Four
Link to 1880 story source 1
Link to 1880 story source 2
Link to Facebook post about the EW wiki
Link to “How to Help” wiki page

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